Avengers Infinity War: Captain America gibt Einblicke zur Beziehung mit Iron Man!

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Im Interview wurde Chris Evans gefragt, wie die Beziehung zwischen seinem Charakter Captain America und Iron Man ist.

In dem dritten Captain America Film kommt es zu dem „Civil War“ zwischen den beiden, da die Charaktere eine verschiedene Vorstellung an …. haben. Der Kampf endet nicht gut. Steve Rogers und Tony Stark sind ab sofort keine Freunde mehr, doch am Ende des Films schickt Steve Tony ein Handy, falls sich doch in dem Bereich von Tony aus ändern sollte.

Hier ein Ausschnitt des Interviews, auf die Frage wie sich Captain America fühlt und versucht mit der Situation umzugehen:

„I think Cap knows how to compartmentalize. I’m not gonna speak to what the film addresses, but in terms of my character, I think he is slowly … he’s becoming disillusioned as he gets older. Every single movie, he learns a little bit more that the world isn’t the way he kind of wants it to be, and I think that’s why there’s a connection between him and Black Widow. Black Widow has seen a lot more than he is, and is kind of a little more calloused, and I think in a lot of ways, he looks up to that and learns from that.

„First it was kind of the hierarchy of a government structure that fell apart, and then there was a friendship that kind of betrayed him, or abandoned him, I should say. I think when those things happen, it’s like a destruction of a belief system to some degree, and you can be a little cold as a result. And I think you lean on people that have walked familiar paths, and there’s no denying that Black Widow has certainly faced a lot of those challenges. I think, like I said, long-winded answer, I think he’s compartmentalized it enough to put it as a lower priority than what’s at hand, which is obviously Thanos.“

„I don’t think either one of us are ones to hold grudges. I think we operate very binary, utilitarian approach to most things we do, and I don’t think we let emotion dictate our reality. It’s been a couple years, so I think we both, to some degree, not moved on, but maybe buried some things.“

In nur einem Monat können wir sehen, ob Steve und Tony wirklich Frieden schließen können.


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